Seat Belts Plus Review – Car-specific seat belts in a variety of styles and buckles

You can’t ignore the importance of safety, it is not only the law but also common sense. One of the most efficient ways to save lives and prevent injuries in crashes is to wear a seat belt. Therefore, Seat Belts Plus comes in handy here. To learn more about Seat Belts Plus products and services, read this Seat Belts Plus review.

Car-specific seat belts
Car-specific seat belts

Who is Seat Belts Plus?

Seat Belts Plus has been providing excellent parts at cheap costs to vehicle restoration enthusiasts for over 26 years. Their seat belts are made in the United States using both domestic and imported parts. Their Seat Belts proudly comply with and surpass all federal safety laws in the United States.

You can choose from universal fit or car-specific seat belts in a variety of styles and buckles in more than 30 different colors!

The seat belt experts at Seat Belts Plus will walk you through measuring your car, choosing the proper seat belts, and answering any questions you may have.

Universal Aftermarket Seat Belt

A Universal Seat Belt is a seat belt that is not intended to be a straight replacement for any specific vehicle. They are compatible with a wide range of cars and require little or no modification.

Their Universal Seat Belts are available in a variety of lengths and types to fit a wide range of automobiles. To discover suitable replacement seat belts for your car, you must first measure your existing belts and mounting points.

Furthermore, the Aftermarket Seat Belts are designed to be generic, so they may not share the same hardware, sensors, latches, clips, mounts, or mechanisms as OEM seat belts.

Universal Aftermarket Seat Belt
Universal Aftermarket Seat Belt

Classic Car Seat Belts

For your classic car, Seat Belts Plus has Economy and OE-type seat belts! Economy versions are manufactured with less expensive License Free components and are optimized for your car. Original equipment components, such as accurate panel webbing and OE Latches & Anchors, are used to create OE Style seat belts.

Their direct fit belts are manufactured to factory specifications and can be bolted directly onto existing mounting points. Seat Belts Plus also sells conversion kits for several models that allow you to add a shoulder belt to a car that previously just had a lap belt for increased protection.

Seat Belt Webbing

Their seat belt webbing comes in a variety of colors to match your vehicle’s interior. Seat Belts Plus offers three different types of seat belt webbing: 7-Panel, 3-Panel, and 4-Panel.

All of their aftermarket seat belts are made with standard 7-Panel Webbing. It’s not only light, but it’s also tough. This webbing comes in 30 different colors to fit the interior of your vehicle.

3-Panel and 4-Panel Webbings are custom webbings designed specifically for vintage Corvettes. They’re designed to match the original GM/Corvette designs and colors.

Seat Belt Webbing from this company is available by the yard and measures 1 7/8″ wide.

Seat Belt Webbing
Seat Belt Webbing

Sum up

Seat Belts Plus has been providing high-quality aftermarket seat belts that fulfill strict US federal safety standards and regulations for over ten years. Don’t forget to consider your safety the next time you’re working on a custom vehicle. Visit SeatBeltsPlus at to be sure you’ve covered all your bases.You can use a Seat Belts Plus coupon code to get many discounts.

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