6 Ways to Make Your Family Camping Trip a Truly Memorable One (Part 2)

Sure, solo camping can bring you solace and introspection while being among the trees, but family camping is how you can truly bask in the love and adoration from your family. Organizing a weekend get-together at a campsite for your family, early preparation and communication will go a long way in making sure that everyone is having a good time.

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Whether you are an experienced camper or new to camping, these family camping tips and techniques will ensure that your camping vacation is a big success! If you are an amateur family-camping-trip planner, go through our checklist carefully to not miss out on anything. Make sure not to skip our previous entries as well.

Make Meal Arrangement Your Top Priority

Make Meal Arrangement Your Top Priority

Unfortunately, meal arrangement is something that skips most people’s minds when it comes to planning their family camping trip. Most of the time, an amateur planner will just assume everyone would eat what they eat, and pack accordingly. Big mistake!

When planning for your family camping meal, you need to take into account many things, most importantly food allergy, lifestyle, and diets. Don’t expect a vegan to chow down BBQ-ed bacon, or peanuts allergic to eating anything that has a piece of peanut on it.  

No matter how you prepare it, it’s best to have mealtimes prepared well ahead of time and then stick to your plan. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be planned separately to avoid boring your campers with repeated dishes. Finally, don’t even think of splitting up ingredients for different meals between family members, as one forgetful person can tank a whole meal.

Keep Your First-Aid Kit Handy

Keep Your First-Aid Kit Handy

When camping in the wilderness, you can try to shelter people from bug bites, scratches, and wounds, only to see that they are unavoidable. Fun in the wilderness hurts, unfortunately. But a few scratches and bug bites shouldn’t be something to panic about, not when you come to the campground prepared.

Instead of futilely helicoptering people, take the proactive approach and treat any minor injuries immediately with your first aid kit. Have a first-aid kit in every vehicle, including the truck, camper, backpack, and handbag, to be extra careful and always have one kit nearby when you need it.

Putting additional sprays, bandages, and lotions in labeled ziplock bags is a wonderful and convenient way to make a make-shift first-aid container, just in case you cannot afford the pricier first-aid kits on the market.

Be Flexible When It Comes To Planning

Be Flexible When It Comes To Planning

Keep in mind that you go camping with your family and friends to have fun, and that should be your top priority. If at any point your plan becomes rigorous and threatens to jeopardize that, stop sticking to it immediately and see how you can switch things up to make sure everyone can still have fun.

When you go group camping, not everything will go as planned, but that’s alright. You won’t recall the missed-out activities or the charred-coal food. Instead, you will remember the time spent around the campfire and the beautiful memories you make with your loved ones when camping together.

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No matter if you are a novice planner, or have been going on your family camping trip for the umpteenth time, camping as a family always offers a new chance to bond as a family.

Still, planning for the whole family is a lot of work. If you have been wracking your brain on planning your family camping trip during the last week of July, before the kids go back to school, then use this list as a checklist to make your family camping trip a clamoring success.

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