6 Ways to Make Your Family Camping Trip a Truly Memorable One (Part 1)

Have you been putting off your family camping trip for a while now? Unfortunately, with us entering the final week of July, your window of hosting the perfect summer family camping trip is narrowing by the seconds.

Camping Trip

So, stop procrastinating, dog out your camping gear and start planning for your trip already! However, a last-minute planned family camping trip never works out well. To avoid the most possible mishaps and mayhems, follow these expert camping tips and make sure your family camping trip of summer ‘21 is a memorable one.

1. Pick a family-friendly location

Pick a family-friendly location

A good camping experience for your family highly depends on where you choose your camping ground.

To truly get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and get off the grid, you’ll want to choose a more remote place. However, if you still want to go out of town while still being near some form of entertainment or places to restock or replace your supplies, you should choose a more exciting area.

Often, the area you pick for your camping trip will also decide the type of camping you will take, as RV camping, tent camping, and cabin camping all require different camping grounds. Keep in mind what you won’t have access to when camping off the grid, such as drinkable water, a toilet, and other utilities. This is when your plan and supplies for camping will be put to the test.

2. Pack the necessities only

Pack the necessities only

Opposite to solo camping, family camping will require more supplies. Packing is a critical component of a good camping trip, so make sure you plan ahead of time. When you’re on vacation in a hotel or resort, there are lots of facilities to choose from, and a grocery store is always close.

As a result, you’ll need to pack carefully and make sure that anything you bring is something you’ll truly need, not simply something you want. This is because your car trunk is limited, thus packing unnecessary items will cost you precious packing space. Other than the essentials, make sure your family has fun too. Food and BBQ grills, or at least crackers and marshmallows for s’more, makes excellent fun in the wilderness.

On that note,

3. Plan a fun itinerary for the family

Plan a fun itinerary for the family

There’s a lot more to family camping than just sprouting roots sitting in your campground. Family-friendly activities to consider putting into your itinerary include hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and other activities.

Thus, it’s a good idea to spend some time researching the region where you’ll be camping and seeing what activities are available locally, and then speak with your family to see what everyone is interested in doing.

Another reason you should organize your activities ahead of time is that you may find yourself without or with limited mobile coverage when camping, and you may not be able to do much Googling from your tent.

So, plan your fun ahead of the trip. Whether it’s cooking or hiking, fishing or swimming, so long as the whole family has fun, then it should be fine.

Plan a fun itinerary for the family 1

Planning the finest camping trip for the whole family ever doesn’t have to be a headache. Not when you have this go-to guide at least. Most importantly, make sure you don’t miss anything from this list to lessen the time preparing and more time enjoying your trip.

Enlist the assistance of other family members in the planning process if you are stuck. The more people involved, the more exciting the trip will be. After all, this way, you know that everyone is just as thrilled as you are to go on your family camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors.

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